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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
8:16 pm
um... big girls rock???
just a quick post
my new live journal: miss_kitty_meow please add me, ill probably deleate this journal soon.

just a few things of substance thats happened recently:
1. Lynda died
2. jim arrived and has now departed
3. Lyndas funeral
4. Marys party
5. ...i talked to marie...

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
9:56 pm
hey yo!

Well its all coming together very fucking nicely (operation wink wink nudge nudge) and jacks party was fun but at the end of the night its not gonna be fun anyway cause im homesick but its still a good distraction to get pissed, smell some speed, have a d and m and at the end of the night provoked a few fights. and at the end of the week single handedly (im taking all the blame... and credit) neally killed one of the people which ironically i dont want to kill at all- still sorry- still real- still jenny from tha block (aka Lee-ha from yobbosville)

im really excited and i dont think anyone could dampen my mood right now, its all happening (except the whole taking care of my future thing) Jims coming, operations going better than planned, ive kicked the diet and ill worry about all that shit when i am actually text book classified as over weight

ill leave now before this turns to shit. but im still in a good mood

Current Mood: g g g good
9:56 pm
hey yo!

Well its all coming together very fucking nicely (operation wink wink nudge nudge) and jacks party was fun but at the end of the night its not gonna be fun anyway cause im homesick but its still a good distraction to get pissed, smell some speed, have a d and m and at the end of the night provoked a few fights. and at the end of the week single handedly (im taking all the blame... and credit) neally killed one of the people which ironically i dont want to kill at all- still sorry- still real- still jenny from tha block (aka Lee-ha from yobbosville)

im really excited and i dont think anyone could dampen my mood right now, its all happening (except the whole taking care of my future thing) Jims coming, operations going better than planned, ive kicked the diet and ill worry about all that shit when i am actually text book classified as over weight

ill leave now before this turns to shit. but im still in a good mood

Current Mood: g g g good
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
1:11 pm
New years and stuff
Happy New Years!!
Well i know im a bit late but i have been busy... ok ive been lazy.
Well new years was fun/ strange/ good. Highlights were as follows:
1. Throwing myslef up and Rich's dad asking me how i do it
2. Having a full conversation to that guy in japanese (all names are forgotten)
4. Mary and i rolling around some park laughing and hysterically screaming "the tongue!!!"

Heh, it was actually alot of fun on reflection now.

Well i bought myself a 2004 planner and i am now the most organised person i know! And ive beenseeing nancy and shes really great. and we went to alia and that was alright/ boring. The highlight was peaches and salt and pepper... and being hut on by a 30 something man.

Well there are exciting new things about to happen, like Jim coming to visit me and mary and sarahs party and ..... stuff that will all unravel that only few know about (the elitest of the .... elitest)

Well take care!

Current Mood: hungry
Sunday, December 28th, 2003
10:13 pm
3 brown ducks
Well Christmas was quite a 'hot item' in the words of corinne and i as in 'these biscuits are a hot item'. Yeah, they were hot stuff. I spent the first christmas with my mother ever and it was quite lovely really and i had fun and got drunk and then (ofcoarse) went to marys and did my other family thing. ANd i had polish christmas with my other other family and that was sad cause Lindas dying of cancer and that will probably be her last present she opens.

We went to minus and i have to say that getting there was probably more fun then actually being there. I got tipsy then i wasnt so it all went downhill from thereon. The guy at the train station that molested me, ran around mary screaming "gotcha!!!" and 'munching' sarahs brain was a lot of fun though. And at the end of the night, the girl conned me in to getting my number- and she actually wrote to me. And im cute *sigh* if only my boyfriend payed as much attention to me than these other little things. I felt violated.

So far the highlight of this trip has been the calls that lovely brendan did. "Why did the lebonese man go to hospital?.....CAUSE HE WAS FULLY SICK MATE!!" which is saying something.

I went to mt. massedon with mum and some other assorted family members and i got my past life told to me and me and mum sat up all night talking about our old haunted house. I think thats the closest ive been to her in a long time.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
6:18 pm
just lookin at the thing in a bag...
just a quick update before i go to a totally cool concert, which i wont say the bands of because they are way too cool to be written down (or way too embarrising)

so anyway, schools over, no more fuckheads to deal with, formal was pretty crap really but i looked great! (ill post photos soon) Graduation wasnt sad at all, no tears out of my beady eyes.

Melbournes fun filled like always, jacks 18th on sunday should be good (if he has his halusinate drink) and i cant wait to see my mum gain! who arrives on friday.

ive done all my christmas shopping, now the reject shop owners know my name!

well best be off to this totally cool concert which i cannot tell you abut, (if i told you i would have to kill you) so in the meantime, "4 DRINKS FOR 4 COOL GUYS!!!"

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
6:25 pm
"Youve been somkin da weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!"

"Ive been smokin da weeeeeeeeeeeed!!!"

Current Mood: hysterical
Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
7:06 pm
Thankgod mary was online to talk to me.

i got my hair done today- i am now even more blonde before.

i feel sick and strange and dont know what to do.. what the fuck do i do

i need to talk to ford, im going to call ford

Current Mood: scared
Sunday, November 9th, 2003
12:45 pm
Avoiding study

Urgh i have a horrible taste in my mouth of subway 'southwest steak and cheese of coarse' and i insisted on eating it all at once, every 12" of it. urgh

Im pretty happy with the way school is going, fast and painless, well as painless as it can be. And at least i drive myself to school nowdays and i dont actually go most of the time so im pretty happy. This week is exam week and i have 3- neh, and the week after is grad and formal. im looking foward to formal.

I wasnt expecting my dad to come and see my grad but he is, which is quite shocking but very touching at the same time. Today i handed in some resumes at some trashy retail places, (supre here i come!) cos lets face it, im not getting into uni.

i really want the new pink album whcih quite surprises me, but what surprises me even more is that tim armstrong wrote it- so i guess its ok to like it?? :S

im really looking foward to seeing Mary on friday night :)

Current Mood: avoiding studying
Thursday, November 6th, 2003
8:34 am
I GOT MY LICENCE!!! :D (3 days ago)

Current Mood: LIBERATED!!!
Monday, November 3rd, 2003
3:03 pm
Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
9:39 pm
You must be a riot girl (your not very funny...)

Well im in a much better mood now that i finally got a stroke of motivation and got through some of my school work load. I went to Ashleys touch footy game and just sat on the field feeling like those obsessive girlfriend types and just did my work- Although i didn't completely live up to the obsessive girlfriend name as i didnt watch any of the game and Ashley came off like a little kid really excited and beautifully big eyed "DID YOU SEE MY TRI?!?!?!" ...........yeah! "you didn't did you" (completely dissapointed) .... Im so sorry!

I talked to Hayley today which made me really happy cause shes a real fly mofo and i read her journal and she got direct entry to uni. Im really proud of her even though she doesnt need me to be cause she knows shes smart.

I booked my licence test and its not this coming monday but the one after. I so hope i dont fail, not cause of the shame, humiliation and dissapointment of failing, but the money. It costs like $100 bucks to go each time. DO I LOOK LIKE IM MADE OF MONEY?? (hairy bird image just made me laugh)

Dads probably driving my car up this weekend now so mary and ford, if you wanna come up for this weekend- free transportation, accomodation, entertainment and lovin!!!

Current Mood: coke-nosed
Monday, October 13th, 2003
7:23 pm
murder on the bermuda triangle...blood on the dance floor
I got a puppy! She is the cutest thing. I am usually very apposed to the whole idea of 'replacing' a pet when they die, but since i wasn't asked about- i have no choice. And i have fallen in love with her anyway.

Her name is Tess (Pete named her) but i call her Kitty. Shes 6 weeks old and shes a kelpie. She has ENORMOUS eyelashes which resemble Audry Hepburn. Shes really small and can fit under the gate (whichh isnt good cause we live on a main road) and she has sharp claws which are like razor blades and she slit my throat thismorning.

We're going to seaworld tomorrow as a year 12 bonding fuckpieceofcrap- (maybe i should have let tess slit my throat)

My formals coming up pretty soon and im really excited cos Dean is coming and hes a real mover and a shaker. Liz is going to look like the stunning princess that she is and i just heard that we can drink if we're 18. (Ashleys 18, whos to say that he cant buy me drinks)- anyway im taking my hipflash in my garter and my necklase cross (Sarah Michelle Gellar style in cruel intentions)

Sophie is getting her hair done as i type- i hope she does get that 'fashionable mullet' (what an oximoron)

ps Happy birthday Ford! :D

Current Mood: nothing
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
9:35 pm
hmmm... i miss the dog

Well the holidays are over and im back in the home town (actually come to think about it- Melbourne is my hometown...)

Moving on, i had fun in melbourne. I got a car for my birthday! Which i am really happy about. And Sarah calls me a 'hoon' :)
And Ford through me a party which involved two beautiful cakes that he made me (much thanks) horrible drinking games and lots of prank phone calls which didnt really go anywhere (ie. 94 FUCKME DANIEL!!!) lol.

seeing Oh! Belgium was pretty fun *and GUY!!* WHOO!! But the highlight was realising that we were inside "thefamous orange doors!"- John Safron

Well since i got back- my mood has gone down abit- my dog died so im pretty fucking bummed but oh well.

So i sit here and wonder, "Will i ever win her with all her FORD dramas???"

Oh yeah- i forgot to mention, i kissed Mary...

Current Mood: bummed (tiger)
Thursday, September 25th, 2003
5:26 pm
Halleluha, its RAINING MEN!!!
Last night was the funniest thing.maybe it was the fact that i was drinking jim beam straight with sarah- but i think i still would have found it funny even if i wasnt a bit 'tipsy'- dare i say.

We, (me, mary and sarah) met up with ford, a girl named wendy and a girl named racquel and rich went to a place called minus 18. Now this place sounds like any other ordinary under age, stumble int the dance party, right? WRONG!!!

Ill tell you how it was different. The slogan was, and i quote "gays. Lesbians. Underage."
Get the picture!? I knew it was aimed at gay boys, but what didnt pass my mind was the fact that there would also be gay girls there too?!?! SO me and Sarah- to avoid complications posed as a happy couple.

Highlights of the night were as follows-
1. Rich giving me and Sarah the rest of his Beam.
2. Me drinking most of it.
3. A boy with a shirt that said 'So many boys, so little time'
4. A boy with the shirt that said 'SLUT'
5. And also a boy with the shirt 'i like boys'

I believe that all of these shirts were purchased at supre...

Current Mood: gay
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
12:08 pm

Its been really great so far. Looking for cars, wearing my fur coat, looking like a pimp. Buying wine and watching ballet. Going to he doctors very regrulary to see about my hips.

I won $5.00 last night. wanna know how? I just had to be one with the flower! I danced for peoples entertainment and won $5.00!!! It was great! Well, Mary was laughing and falling over doing it so i presume that it was quite amusing.

Then we went back to Marys house. I wont say exactly what happened but i will just leave you with this.


Sorry for being silly last night Ford.

PS i expect all the people that i like to be at my birthday bash (melbourne only)

Current Mood: full
Sunday, September 14th, 2003
12:05 pm
Ive got something to put in you, at the GAY BAR!
All my worrying and exams and nail biting till they bleed is over! I feel like im actually finished school and im out and about celebrating. Well, i shouldnt be but i am.

I had my last exam, which was drama on friday night. YES! That's right, friday NIGHT! At 9 o clock! Oh well. So that went great, i didnt forget any lines. And then after that i had a party! I told everyone that it was a pool night, so knowing all my stupid ditzy dumb blonde friends, they all brought their swimmers.
GUYS? DIDNT I JUST TELL YOU THAT I HAVE A POOL TABLE! NOT A SWIMMING POOL!? hehe dont worry, it was cute, anyway.

Ok this is really irrelivant but Kate is really cute so we have to akwnoweledge this:
Danger! High Voltage! says:
oi hows this, i was talking to that girl from hungries who you know who plays gutair about electic 6 and she goes, "oh yeah i love that song gar bar, it so good" or something that implied she likes gay bars......

Evidently, any girl that is nice to Kate is obviously a lesbian and is cracking on to her. Your so cute- silly billy. PS Love you Claire!!

So anyway, getting on with the story, at my par-tay, we all got very drunk and played pool till the early hours of the morning. Highlights were: Jim talking about his past lives (very Jim like indeed), Laura passing out on the sun lounge and then talking in another language for at least 10 minutes (something about supermarkets and ralley- markets, whatever the hell those are), the many terrible graphic conversations with Nick and scott about shaving mens testicals. Sophie and i dancing like nobody was watching to the transplants and taking off deans clothes with much struggle./ I suppose there were many more highlights which i cannot remember at this time but i suppose they will all come back to me when we re-capp everything on monday.

Well on wednesday i go to see Joe Jackson!!! WHOO! Excitement! And on Thursday i go to Melbourne. WHOO! DOUBLE EXCITEMENT! And then in 16 days, i think, its my birthday! TRIPPLE FUCKEN YEAH!

Well i should go get ready for Ashleys band practice. I play keyboard and saxaphone :D. Till next time folks, take care of yourself, and each other. HANDCUFFS AND HARMONIES!

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, September 7th, 2003
1:32 pm
Its a Doll Revolution
Well a few things have happened recently in my life.

Finals for Queensland are over except the small exams which i have to worry about. Band has been going well. Our drummer really likes the shit that we play so that really helps that he's enjoying it. He's very easily influenced which is a good thing. Although we haven't really been practising alot, we postponed it for a while while our exams are on, so next term will be pretty rocking due to the fact that we hardly do shit all next term.

I went to my grandmas yesterday which was pretty, weird. I dont see her very regurlary cause she lives 3 hours drive away, but- i dunno. Let's just put it this way, shes one of the most prevelant euthenasia supporters in Australia. I hate the way she so frequently talks about how she's ready to go and how she's gonna do it. it freaks me out.

But on the bright side, she gives me heaps of cool shit everytime i go there: A fucking awesome fur and swede coat, beautiful sunnies, all her jewelery and her 50's style dark brown bobbed wig with real asian hair!! But the down side to all this present giving is that after i have recieved the gifts, she adds "well you may as well take them now because if you dont get them now, you'll get them when i die... which will be soon"

I also have all this beautiful material which she gave me like tai silk and some other great 70's stuff, including patterns to make a 60's style "tent dress"!! Get ready for me in a tent dress!

I love my formal dress and i cant wait to go there to look all pretty and look at everyone else and be like, 'you are all such dicks, your actually taking this shit seriously'

I got the new Bangles Cd, its alright??? I dunno, maybe i just have to listen to it more.

I dont have to go to school monday, wednesday or friday, HAHAH> but the bad news is that i have exams when im at school. fuck.
ill breakj your legs... KIDDING!! just the face...

Current Mood: confused
Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
10:20 pm
Well alot ha happened, i don't remembe what ha happened bu ll kow is that i've been sck. so i went to the octors ad tey put e on someantibiodicts that have speed in them hahahah. Well Ashleys parent are in new zeland so i have been here neally every niht playing housewife, cooking, becoming a drunk aha (nt realy)

Well yar 12 is gong 'whale watching' tomorow apparently.no me thoug, no no- actaually yesi am. ive even packed m non sickenss sea sick tablets so i don spew. gewwwww

i come down to melbournje in very soon dys lik about 23??? I HAVE QCS ON TESDA AND WNESAY! UCK!!! (Queenslnd core skls)

why oh why donmt ford nd mary ring me anymore?? theyn dont even post!!!
(i shouldnt drink on antibyodicts)


Current Mood: drunk
Monday, August 18th, 2003
2:31 pm
We wrote a song yesterday! Its so cool. Well, i wrote the lyrics and then when kate ans sophie popped around for a surprise visit, we put music to it and it sounds awesome! We're really not turning out the way i would have pictured us= really great trashy femminist girl rock, but we've turned out really, ... i dunno, but the song's really morbid and cool sounding. I believe it's a nice mix between Air's playground love, and Placebo's track #4 of "without you im nothing", which Ford described to me as suicidal music. I like it.

Friday night was awesome really. Went to the school social! (trashed as a mother fucker) and left at 9 (i arrived at 8) then headed on over to Jims house in my shortest hot pants and fm lace up boots to discover an ex of mine sitting on his couch after entering the front door. hmmm, so i got more off guts and asked Jim whether he was slipping me roofies, (he was very intent in making me drink this particular drink)so, naturally, hopeing it was spiked, which to my dissapointment it wasn't, went upstairs to have a chat to jims latest about how theres a demon in his room. Quite an intrecite conversation really. Apparently, so i was told, i look like lara croft, so obviously, i asked her how much she had had to drink. She was off guts, she has a hole in her heart so she cant have speed or any of the good shit other wise it will kill her- just like Krista! :D

Talked to Sam in the end, i dont know if it was awkward or not cause i was off my head but i presume now that we havent talked today that it may be, hmm.

31 more days till i come to Melb. ("Fucken' eh!")

Current Mood: good
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